Residents less interest on Ancient Balinese Gamelan

As reported by Antara Bali, Professor of the University of British Colombia, Canada, Michael Tenzer, considered that the ancient Balinese gamelan and pre-Hindu instruments like a xylophone, Selonding, and caruk now received less attention and interest by the community.

“It was a result of the difficulty of mastering the values of tradition, which compete with the current everyday experience,” said Prof. Dr. Michael Tenzer commenting on the book written by I Wayan Sinti, MA in Denpasar, on Saturday March 31 2012. While it also mentioned that the 160-page thick book “Gambang, Cikal Bakal Karawitan Bali” written by an artist I Wayan Sinti has receive a positive appreciation by artists and humanists on the island of Bali.

Michael Tenzer is a former Director of Gamelan Sekar Jaya United States explained that it happened because everyone has their own way in dealing with everyday problems that tend to be more severe and complex. Many of the people who were defeated by the modern lifestyle and few have the ability to maintain a life based on moral and humble.


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